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The man behind the studio - Lyubomir Sergeev,

or for short, Lubo,

is a creator of the highest caliber.

An award-winning digital artist, photographer, director and impeccable visual storyteller, with distinctive narrative style, boasting a hauntingly beautiful, timeless, and seductive aesthetic. With over 25 years of experience in advertising, high-end retouching, CGI and video production, his conceptual genius and lust for creation truly make him a force to be reckoned with.

Lubo Sergeev is a Bulgarian born artist, who at the age of 5 decided to devote himself to theater and acting, which later turned into pantomime and dancing until music and playing the guitar jumped in at the age of 14, which combined with extensive practice of visual arts, in particular painting and sculpture and strongly but somewhat chaotically supported by literature and his published collection of short stories at the age of 17 when inevitably it all evolved to photography where everything blended together into his ultimate tool for searching of beauty and truth, which of course had to be discovered throughout the world and thereby at the age of 19 after establishing his company for advertising photography - Sergeev Studio, he started travelling the world and before his 26th year he managed to live in almost every European capital  for at least couple of months (sometimes 10) until he decided to be involved in a photography studio in Vienna, Austria, several years after followed by similar project in Cologne, Germany, later London, UK, until in his late 20s he discovered USA and New York, where he moved 2 years later and with couple of friends jumped into developing a photography studio and production company and as you can imagine all that naturally led to countless assignments across the globe not only because of the many, many awards and international recognitions as photographer and digital artist but also because of his never ending thirst for beauty and ability to commercially please all sorts of brands, advertising agencies, creative and artistic directors alike, which combined with his tireless perfectionism has now put him at the perfect place, pace and rhythm in travelling between Sofia, the capital of his home country Bulgaria and New York while admittedly you would not be surprised to know that he is now directing films, commercials and producing major video and photo productions, but constantly thinking about Asia and China in particular, where alongside couple of friends his next fearless ideas are… 


Selected awards


Trierenberg Super Circuit - GRAND PRIX

Award often considered to be the “Oscar” in the photography industry


Hasselblad Masters

Hasselblad Masters Semifinalist


Oneeyeland Photographer Of The Year

Selected in the top 5% of Oneeyeland photographic community


Moscow International Foto Awards

Winner at the Moscow International Photo Awards


Luerzer's Archive  - 200 Best Worldwide

Selected as one of the 200 best digital artists worldwide 12 years in a row by the most prestigious magazine in the advertising world 


Federation of European Professional Photographers

Qualified Professional Photographer


Prix de la Photographie, Paris

Gold in Fine Art, Gold in Advertising


Fine Art Photography Awards

Fine Art Photography Awards winner


Photographic Society of America

Gold medals from Photographic Society of America


International Photographer Of The Year

International Photographer Of The Year Semifinalist

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