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To the bone

Personal project, self promo, interior prints

“Find what you love the most and let it kill you”, said a very wise man once. All things will kill you, but it’s far better to be killed by a lover. We all believe in something that shapes our being and following that belief is what makes us feel alive and worth this whole journey.

“To The Bone” series is the homage we pay to the ones who dedicate their lives to create beauty by jumping, flying, bending, crouching, crawling and doing all those movements that the rest of us mortals call dance.

This project, as series and as separate artworks, has been awarded with more than 20 awards worldwide.

It is an ongoing project in which we add new works whenever we find one of those rare moments when we are not as busy.

We are extremely happy that we continue finding artists willing to be part of this project.

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